Who's Who in the Wedding

The Wedding Party

The stunning bride: Kristen Hassmiller
The well-groomed groom: Stephen Lich-Tyler
Bride's attendant: Elizabeth Welke, sister of the groom.
Groom's attendant: Bob Hassmiller, brother of the bride.
Parents of the bride: Ray and Karen Matthiesen
Parent of the groom: Lera Tyler

People helping in the Wedding

Officiant: Phillip Stevenson, of St. Boniface Episcopal Church in Comfort, Texas
Wedding music: TBD.
Wedding readers: TBD.

People helping with the Reception

Reception music: Bill and Sandy Smallwood, of Fredericksburg, Texas
Reception dinner:Creekside Liquors and Catering (run by Nancy and Chuck Jones, aunt and uncle of the groom), of Comfort, Texas
Wedding pies: Family and friends, including Cynthia Caruso and Beverly Meier
Photographer: Marcus Revilla, of San Antonio, Texas
Flowers: The Rose Shop (and especially Karen Kordzik, cousin of the groom's father) of Kerrville, Texas