Current news: (Jul. 2005) Kristen and Stephen are settled in Mexico now, after a few months in Copenhagen (picture at left is taken from the bridge on Norrebrogade). So far, the Mexican pollution hasn't choked us and the food hasn't killed us and the police haven't asked us for bribes, so we're a bit disappointed. The cats are enjoying sleeping in the warm sunlight. Kristen is continuing work on her dissertation; Stephen is happily teaching and researching at the Centro de Investigación Económica at ITAM, the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México.

We've taking advantage of this opportunity to become acquainted with Latin America. In March, we made a little excursion to Peru with Kristen's brother Bob and his girl Farrell... hiking the Incan trail to Machu Picchu, sea-kayaking on Lake Titicaca, trekking from the Andes to the Amazon by llama, something like that. In July, there was a trip around southern Mexico and Guatemala. On weekends, we've explored the cities and towns of central Mexico. **Pictures from all these trips are now online!**

We're also desperate for visitors. We promise to take you somewhere interesting if you come.

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