Wedding Stuff

We're getting married on Saturday, April 17th, 2004, at or around 5:30 in the evening. The wedding is going to be held outdoors in a pasture on the Sturdy Oak Farm, between Kerrville and Comfort, Texas. (This ranch, where Stephen's Opa lives, has been in the Lich family for over a hundred years.) In April, chances are pretty good that the weather should be beautiful -- sunny skies, temperatures in the 60s and 70s -- and the wildflowers should be in bloom. (In case of rain, we will most likely change the wedding location to a shelter at a nearby summer camp. We'll keep you posted with our exact rain plan.)

The reception will be at the Cypress Creek Schoolhouse, which is across the road from the farm. Next to the schoolhouse, there's a large pavilion for dancing, eating, and having a good time.

Finally, if you want some information about the people involved in the ceremony and the people involved in the reception, go here for a list.

How to Get There

How to get to Texas from out-of-state: Getting to the right state is the first important step in getting to the wedding. (You may ignore this paragraph if you're already from Texas.) San Antonio is the most convenient airport (about an hour away), followed by Austin (two hours). From Detroit or Cleveland, airfare should be between $200 and $300. For possible bargains, try Southwest Airlines (which flies into both San Antonio and Austin). Once you're in Texas, you'll probably have to rent a car (or make other arrangements) to get to Kerrville.

How to get to Kerrville from San Antonio: Take I-10 west. About an hour later, you'll come to Kerrville. (One landmark along the interstate is a sign saying "Kerrville 12; El Paso 510". Incidentally, you'll know you've gone too far if you arrive in El Paso.) Take the first Kerrville exit, Highway 16.

How to get to Kerrville from Austin: Take US-290 west towards Johnson City. In Johnson City, keep following 290 towards Fredericksburg, although it makes a couple of turns. In downtown Fredericksburg, turn left (south) onto Highway 16 toward Kerrville. About half an hour later, you'll pass under I-10, and then you'll be in Kerrville.

How to get to Cypress Creek from Kerrville: Take Highway 16 north, and merge onto I-10 east (toward San Antonio) for a little more than 10 miles. Take exit number 520, labelled "Cypress Creek Road/FM-1341". (Note: "FM" designates a "Farm-to-Market" road, not a radio station.) Turn left onto the Cypress Creek Road and cross back over the interstate. In about three miles, turn left onto Lazy Valley Road. Park at the schoolhouse, which is immediately on your left.

Wedding Etiquette

In Texas, most etiquette is optional. Our recommendation for clothing is "look good, but be comfortable." We don't have a problem with jeans and a nice shirt, or a sundress, or most anything else. Of course, if your preference is to wear a jacket and tie (or the female equivalent) to a wedding, that's perfectly acceptable.

Also, you're welcome to bring your family (and "guest", unless you're married) to the wedding and reception. Children of all ages are invited.

Where To Stay

What to Do